Mini Agent Package Semenanjung Malaysia


  • 1 carton 200ml (24 pieces)
  • 1 carton 330ml (24 pieces)
  • 1 carton 800ml (12 pieces)
  • Minimum Monthly Restock: RM 380.00 or more (Any Flavour). Each Reseller will be given 2 months probation period to fulfill the Monthly Minimum Order Quantity. Once the probation period has ended, HQ will evaluate the performance of the Reseller to either maintain, downgrade or upgrade to another tier in the 3rd month.
  • Standard Monthly MOQ (Any Flavor): RM 380.00 effective after 2 months probation period onwards.
  • Purchase Orders below RM 380.00 per transaction will not be able to proceed to checkout.
  • Terms and conditions applied.

Earn up to 108 Points.

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Origina Vitamin C 200ML, Origina Tamar Raisin Milk 200ML, Origina Tamar Raisin Milk 800ML, Origina Tamar Milk 200ML, Origina Tamar Milk 800ML, Origina Alkaline Water 330ML, Origina Chocolate Flavoured Milk 800ML, Origina Chocolate Flavoured Milk 200ML, Origina Coffee Latte 200ML, Origina Strawberry Milk 200ML, Origina Teh Tarik 200ML